Tuesday, April 26, 2011

19. Feature - Amazing Banana Art

The innovative ideas of human beings are outstanding. And if that person who creates a new thing is an artist, then whatever he creates, provides immense pleasure to others. In this context Banana art is a latest development of drawing on a yellow banana or carving on a peeled banana.

When talking about Banana art the very first name comes in this field is Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada. Recently he is in news as he has created a number of banana arts by carving human faces resembling different characters of movies and also normal human faces with different expressions.
Among the created faces the faces of Elvis and Davey Jones from Pirates of The Caribbean have become more popular.
He uses a toothpick and a spoon as tools to create those figures. If I am not wrong this is for the first time the arts has been done on peeled bananas.

Banana art is an art drawn on a banana. This is a category of Fruity art. The artists need to be very fast in this form of art to perform, as nature will not allow them abundant time to create. The time limit is approximately half an hour to carve the art on the peeled banana otherwise it will start to rot and turn brown.

Yamada, who is an electrician, has a funny habit of eating those bananas after taking a photo of the created art.

Till now Banana art was limited to unpeeled bananas only. Mr. Riss a Canada based designer first thought of the idea to draw on a banana.

We here at 'News and Features' expect more in future from these talented creative artists and wish them all the best.

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